Love is Key Non Profit


We are desperately in need of loving foster parents for larger dogs. Owners of animals may experience eviction, incarceration, or rehabilitation, and we need dependable people to help foster these dogs. Sometimes an owner will pass away where we need time to find the right adoptive home.  Contact us to help.  


This chihuahua is in need of x-rays and bloodwork before she can have her much needed dental cleaning. Make a donation directly or purchase artwork and designate your funds to this sweet girl. 

Need Fulfilled

Red Cross Donation 2020

Thanks for your donations, we were able to supply dog and cat food to the Oregon fire vic​tims this summer. 

Need  Fulfilled 

New Clothing Bins​ 2020

Covid has been difficult on all of us. 

A Redmond Outreach needed a way to keep their clothing items so people could find sizes easier with less contact.