Love is Key Non Profit


We are desperately in need of loving foster parents for larger dogs. Owners of animals may experience eviction, incarceration, or rehabilitation, and we need dependable people to help foster these dogs. Sometimes an owner will pass away where we need time to find the right adoptive home.  Contact us to help.  

People needs fulfilled 2022

400 lbs. of clothing distributed

5 cell phones given

2 people in permanent housing

3 in temp housing

2 ID's

3 microwaves donated

 Animal needs fulfilled 2022

1/2 ton of pet food distributed

5 animal carriers donated

2 spay/neuters

2 euthanasia's 

3 long-term pet fosters

2 short-term fosters

3 vet bills

1 adoption

1 groom

Housing Help Fulfilled 2022

Opening doors to housing is one of the hardest things to do in Deschutes County. Our volunteers worked over 200 hours, side by side, through a difficult process, to help this senior find safe and secure housing, for her and her companion animal. 

Adoption Fulfilled 2022

One of the most rewarding events of this year happened in February when Spot was adopted. His former owner went into a nursing home and this senior dog found an amazing couple who adopted him in Deschutes River Woods. This is why we love what we do! Thank You M.S.

Animal Needs Fulfilled 2021

8 Vet Bills 

1/4 Ton of Pet Food

70 lbs. of Kitty Litter

2 Special Needs Grooming

6 pet accessories

1 Emergency Uber Ride for Sick Dog

4 Emergency Fosters

3 pets for winter shelter

People Needs Fulfilled 2021

4 DMV Identifications

1 Hotel Night for Abused Victims
1 Postal Box for Veteran ID
5 Cell Phones

1 Cremation Burial

6 Water Survival Containers

 1 Nursery/Newborn Items

1/4 Ton Clothing Washed/Distributed

2 people in winter shelter

12 people - service assistance paperwork

3 winter blankets

Needs Fulfilled 2020

Red Cross Fire Pet Food Donation

9 Vet Bills

1/4 Ton Pet Food Distributed

7 Pet Accessories

2 Pets Rehomed

8 Flash/Headlamps

1 Trash Dump

450 lbs. Clothing Washed/Distributed


Need  Fulfilled 2020

Covid has been difficult on all of us. 

A Redmond Outreach needed a way to keep their clothing items so people could find sizes easier with less contact.