Love is Key Non Profit

About Us

Love is Key Non-Profit is located in Central Oregon serving the residents of Deschutes County who need financial or referral assistance. 

Our first year focused on people with animals in need, and sales of the Cosmic Dog Card are 100% earmarked for this cause. Our second year saw a need to help individuals obtain IDs. An Oregon ID card sale will be earmarked for this. Unrestricted donations apart from our cards sales will be allocated towards our mission goals after the satisfaction of our obligations to federal, state fees, and operating expenses. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding our funding allocations. 

We currently have room to accommodate more people on our board, according to our bylaws, especially social media, outreach, and public relation skilled individuals. We are a volunteer-based non profit and have no paid positions. Our board meetings consist of painting pot-luck parties to create new originals to sell on our website for donations. 

M. King

M. King has been an outreach volunteer in Central Oregon for a decade. Her friendly presence and ability to know what people need makes her a valuable member of our community.

Board Member

T.A. Sweet

Ms. Sweet has been able to donate her artwork in a way that helps others. "Cosmic Dog was a way for me to show people that once you see the universe that resides in all sentient beings, you will be able to discern what love truly means".  

Board Member

Shannon L.

As a published author who has veterinary nursing skills, we are over the top to add this young lady to our team. 

Board Member 

Karuna D.

K. D was given the spiritual name Karuna, which means compassion, from one of her past teachers. She believes a part of healthy holistic living is serving others and giving back to the community. 

Board Member 

Kelly L.

Kelly is a native Bend resident. She has many adopted fur children and is a wonderful asset to our organization as a foster volunteer.